Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clues About Novogy

I always am interested in what is next for experienced people in the bio-based field.  I have been wondering about Novogy.
Novogy is a stealth-stage startup composed of ex-Mascoma folks and until today I had a hard time classifying them, because I did not have a clue what they were up to.

Now I think I do.

Last week, EPA published a summary of comments received on proposed changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS2).  You can get it here (warning: big PDF).

Novogy, like others, put in for changes in the standard to protect their interests.

Novogy's comments (p.114) reveal interest in cellulosic biogas produced from waste sludge which is a residual of the pulp & paper and recycled paper making process.  Other comments (pp.94, 276) narrow in on methane from cellulosic biomass.

I imagine there are more tidbits like this in the summary, but the EPA document is over a thousand pages, so I don't plan to browse it.  If you find something surprising, send me note, just to let me know you appreciate the tip.

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