Monday, March 29, 2010

Follow my research notes on green fraud. Subtopic "Green Fraud in China" - Disposable Tableware Indiscriminately Marked "Degradable"

So many unanswered questions arise from this news item published last year in China.

"Disposable Tableware Indiscriminately Marked "Degradable"

News Alert: Much tableware marked “degradable” on the market are not really environment-friendly products. From December 1st, only the disposable tableware which will be completely degraded into carbon dioxide or methane, water can be labeled as degradable tableware. The new national mandatory standard "General requirements of plastic disposable tableware" has promulgated, and will come into effect on December 1st, after that, the false degradable products will not going to swindle in the market any longer."

My first thought is that since this was fraud in many (most?) cases, why will new standards have any effect?

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I have been sleuthing the origins of the Green Energy Craze, from a "European" perspective, and I believe there is central planning and sponsoring

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