Thursday, March 4, 2010

We have been waiting for a peek at Rennovia. We wait no more!

My army of webwatching robots reports that Rennovia has lifted the wraps on its website.

Take a look for yourself:

My first impression is that it is a lot like Symyx, but focused on renewables.

High-throughput catalyst discovery will provide more active or commercially viable catalysts, but renewable chemistry has a lot of other things holding back newcomers in the current market, so Rennovia will be looking for partners, I'm sure, that have sophistication in feedstock logistics and downstream processing.

Rennovia's new website alludes to this,

These processes are designed to be readily scalable and to employ standard chemical production and purification equipment. Rennovia’s process technology will integrate seamlessly, and potentially employ, existing manufacturing assets.
This is a value proposition that has a lot going for it, but has yet to become a buzzword. Rennovia may help to change that.

Here's the new logo and tagline.

Tell me what you think.

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Doris de Guzman said...

Symyx people, one from Zeachem and one from Chemtura. Interesting mix.

You are right, the offerings are vague. Thanks for the web tip! I'll keep an eye on them as well. It's a probability that they will attend this year's World Congress on Industrial Biotech in DC.