Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lamb plugs: new end use for biodegradable plastic.

Bioderived plastics are showing up in all sort of products.

Normally, I don't care to propogate press releases, but this one caught me by surprise.
MELBOURNE, Australia — 6th November 2009 — Adept Limited, New Zealand’s leading plastics product development and manufacturing company in the meat industry, has introduced new biodegradable lamb plugs, made possible through the advanced biopolymer technology of Plantic Technologies Limited. 

The press release goes on to say nice things about Plantic and Adept, but avoids elaborating on lamb plugs.  Go figure!

You probably don't want to know, but if you do want more info, it is here.

To be fair, single use products in animal husbandry and agriculture are a good example of where biodegradables make sense.

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