Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Bioplastic Data Less Crazy than Some

An update to my project to track the oddsmakers on bioplastic growth.
I added the new data (marked NEW below) I pulled from the brochure for a new $6000 bioplastic forecast from unnamed source #4.

The purple line (NEW) is much less insane than the red and the green, pretty much in the same neighborhood as the blue.

Explosive growth and strong steady growth now each have two sets of numbers.  It would be exciting to think of this as a showdown, but I'm afraid that we must wait five years to declare a winner.

In an upcoming post, I'll go fishing in the memory hole to reminisce about the bioplastic factories announcements of yesteryear; plants that were projected to open, but have yet to pan out.



Charles said...

how are folks defining bioplastics in these reports? Are they only bio polymerized? or are bio sourced raw materials that are then chemically polymerized included? -CH

Erik at Cleantech Data said...


Thank you for asking a good question. "What is bioplastic" is a topic that deserves a post of its own.

I'll work on that for later in the week.

The Underworlder